Monday, February 9, 2015

          Hey guys, I wanted to ask anyone out there whose reading my blog if you could take a minute and give me some feedback. This could be about anything you want, if you like a project I've done, wanna see a specific project, or know a better way to do something, hell if I need to be corrected because I don't know what I'm talking about, please leave a comment.

The reason I'm asking this, is because I really don't know who is reading this and I wanna know, or at least an idea of who my audience is. Are you a Pintrest junkie like me, or a weekend DIY warrior, or do you just like the pictures. Anyway all any positive or negative feedback will do is boost my confidence with the blog and  keep me blogging more regularly. And yes, I wanna hear the negative stuff too, growth is not always achieved by kind words.

The thing with blogging and anyone who knows me can verify this, is I hate writing! It is actually really difficult but also rewarding for me to sit and write these post. So yeah I just wanna make sure I'm heading in the right direction.

Thanks everyone, and as always never stop creating! 
       Also, I know the the title of my blog is Sawdust and Hops. I haven't posted anything about home brewing beer yet, and I'm sorry for that. Its coming tho, I am in the process right now of gathering materials to build a gravity tower for an all grain system. My hope is once my all grain system is operational I will be brewing more often. Extract brewing can be pretty expensive, and switching to all grain will reduce the cost considerably. 

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