Label Remover

Monday, April 28, 2014

I have to talk about this product. UN-DU sticker, tape & label remover. This stuff is awesome! I found this stuff at Walmart in the craft section the other day, but I'm sure it can be ordered online as well. So the group of hobbyists I'm directing this at are home brewers who are still cleaning labels off reused bottles. I'm sure this product works great on all other products attached by adhesive, but I can tell you it works fantastic on beer labels.

 I still soak my bottles in hot water, to clean off any goop still inside the bottle and to soften up the paper labels. The problem with most labels is not the actual label, its the adhesive that keeps the label attached to the glass bottle. That is where this UN-DU comes in. I added a few drops to the adhesive still stuck on the bottle, and it practically whips away. The bottle also has that black scrapper, that does a really good job getting under really tough sections of labels, such as champagne labels. I'm not one to really promote products, but seriously this stuff cut my bottle cleaning in half. Its really does a great job at getting glue and adhesive's off.

I hope this helps some of you out, and feel free to leave any comments if this helps out!


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