Silk Screen Board

Friday, January 2, 2015

Last semester I took a silk screen class, that I really enjoyed. While looking in to the supplies needed to make a screen board, I realized I could make due with supplies I had laying around my work bench. There is really nothing special about this project, and the only reason i'm even writing about it, is because buying the clamps online can be pricey. Technically this project was zero cost for me, but if you were gonna buy supplies you would need a piece of plywood,  2 cheap C clamps, a scrap 1x2, 2 cheap door hinges, and some screws. Now this is not a tutorial on the process of silk screening, its just an idea for the screen board, and the image I used in the photos was not my original design.

Sorry for the blurry pictures, I took these with my phone. Anyway all this is, is a way to lift the silk screen so you can swap out paper, shirts, or what ever your printing on. If you notice I cut a section out of the back of the plywood. That is so the C clamps have room to clear the board.

I'll I did was attach the 1x2 to the hinges, and then clamp the silk screen frame to the 1x2. Like I said this was a super easy project, but is your in to or getting in to silk screening this is a quick project that works just as good as the 15-20 dollar clamps. 

I'll post a few pictures of my prints, to give you an idea of the kind of things you can do. When I took this class it was my first introduction in this medium, so if your a silk screener don't be to critical. Silk screen is a crazy cool process, and if you ever get the chance I highly recommend taking a silk screen class.  

These pictures are gonna be a little out of order, I guess I didn't take pictures of all the steps.... whoops

SO AS I ALREADY STATED THIS WAS NOT MY ORIGINAL DESIGN. But never the less they turned out super cool. 

Well I hope this helped a few people that need an idea fulfilled. As always thank you for looking at the page and please share the photos on Facebook or Pintrest, it helps me out with getting foot traffic on the page,


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